Book Description

Finding inspiration, growth, and love after divorce isn’t status in quo. Based, in part, on my own personal experiences and successes rebuilding my life, the overwhelming benefit and outcome, that hits home, is the relationships I gained with my children.


It’s my hope and wish that you will develop the defining moments as I did with my children, as you seek success to a healthier new family. Utilizing the steps within will facilitate and lead to a better lifestyle and promote a better life for your child’s future–your children will benefit from all their relationships with who acquire the wealth of knowledge cultured here.


This series of twelve steps contained here are expressed in an optional supporting seminar program. As within this book, the program walks you through four phases of coping and growth through divorce and rebuilding your life with your children: Inception, Elaboration, Construction, and Transition.


The concepts, strategies, and philosophies I share will help you embrace change. Identifying with this content will help you with understanding and utilizing your personal gifts. This book is a pre and post-divorce resource and inspirational for rebuilding your life and reaffirming the relationships that matter.


Here are benefits from reading this material:


1.            Moving on will be easier with supporting ideas on how to release and sidestep the unavoidable fears and emotions.

2.            Learn to understand “new single status” and what it means to do things your way and for your kids- i.e. releasing the inner voice held over from your ex that says otherwise.

3.            Help with moving past the confrontation that comes with the revelation of being on your own.

4.            Utilize tips and techniques that can be used to help move through the emotional aspects of divorce with your children.

5.            Mitigate and find easy resolve from the nonsense that comes with an adversarial co-parent.

6.            Learn my successful concepts and philosophies for designing a new path that leads to a more confident future.

7.            Add comfort and security with strategies that work for children.

8.            Reinforce your new Family status with dynamic experiences and valuable lessons.

9.            Learn to communicate effectively with children who are coping during this critical time.

10.            Learn how to accept change and define your life with your children as you move forward to a brighter, deeper, future together.

11.            Develop the best personal dynamic you can achieve with the single most benefit—staying positive.

12.            Rest on the areas that you are at your best, as a parent, compounded with what you have learned and cultured on your way to freedom within the four phases/ twelve steps and segments contained in this book.


Bonus Addendum- Discover what subtle items may become contentious after the divorce is final without warning ….and how to design a good parenting plan, to mitigate those issues, that’s not found on standard state templates.


Here are benefits of the seminar:


1.            Post-divorce resource, reference and support of the book included.

2.            My personal lectures that elaborate on each phase and steps in the book.

3.            Background and understanding of my own challenges and successes.

4.            Program materials on my concepts, tactics, strategies, and philosophies.

5.            Emergency toolkit that shares the basic components needed to help before and after the divorce.